Reunion Video Instructions

Troop 57 70th Anniversary Reunion information

February 7th, 2015

We are looking for alumni to record videos that may be shown at the reunion. If you are interested in creating a video please follow the instructions below. Please make a video of yourself answering one of the following questions. If you would like to answer more than one question, please make each one a separate video. Each video should be less than 1 minute.

In each video, please introduce yourself by telling your name and the years that you were in Troop 57. Please mention if you were a Troop 57 Eagle Scout.

If shooting the video with a cell phone or tablet please hold the device horizontally to get the appropriate screen ratio.

Upon completion of the video, please use the contact form so we can contact you with upload instructions.

+ four = 12

Former Scouts

1. How did Troop 57 impact your life?

2. What was one of the funniest memories you have from your time in Troop 57?

3. What were the greatest things you learned in Troop 57?

4. What was the best campout during your time in Troop 57?

5. What were some Troop 57 traditions you remember?

6. What was your favorite summer camp experience?

7. Who in Troop 57 made a difference in your life and why/how?


Former Scoutmasters

1. What was the biggest change you saw in a Scout because of them being in Scouts?

2. What was the funniest injury at a Troop 57 event?


Troop 57 Eagles

1. What did you do for your Eagle project?